Welcome to Moo Da Moo!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Moo Da Moo, a place full of color, imagination, laughter, learning, music and fun! We are a husband and wife team excited to bring entertainment to you and your little ones (and our little ones).

So what exactly do we do here at Moo Da Moo? Well, we mostly create videos. Stop motion animated videos for kids. Like this one.

We've already created a bunch of nursery rhyme videos as well as some originals. And we've got a lot more on the way in 2018. We're also gearing up to launch our first animated series, The Diggy and Dumpy Show. Very exciting!

Oh, and we published our 1st board book based on our very 1st video, The Wheels on the Bus Adventure. Definitely check it out!

So, what do we have for you here on our website? Everything! You have access to all of our videos, books (yes, only 1 right now, but we are currently working on our follow-ups), behind-the-scenes footage, music and our blog, keeping you up to date on our current projects and giving you a sneak peek into our minds.

Come and Play with Moo Da Moo!

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